PantoneMyArt 2014 @ TCC

8 artists express optical illusions in monochrome.

Running from 13 June to 06 October 2014, this highly creative tcc event on the art calendar will cover the full two floors, including the windows of the tcc outlet. The captivating works are set to leap at the viewer, so visitors should be prepared for mind blowing multi-impact works reaching out to them like never before. The likes of radioactive yellow monsters by talented Terence Koh and red Pandas from the ‘animal instincts’ of artist Ziqi, are sure to capture the attention of all.

In a different corner will feature an impressive window creation of a breathtaking cityscape by Race; and on other walls will feature an anamorphic street design from Singapore’s leading street artist Ben Qwek, an animated graffiti work from Clogtwo!, as well as digital experiences from Dale. Slacsatu will ‘draw stuff’ (in his own words) all over the place while Lim Zi Sin will show her paper-cut talents in a large all white cut-out architectural creation.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the artworks, and have their photographs taken as they stand at the assigned focal point that will bring the artworks to life! If this sounds too illusionary to be true, come and witness it for yourself, and whip out your smartphones and cameras and share these optical illusion photos on your FB, Twitter and Instagram.

This much awaited exhibition features works in 8 various Pantone colours from Black, White, Lime Green, Cadium Red, Lemon Yellow, Cadium Orange, Processed Cyan and Purple by 8 talented artists. Never before has such a creative collection been gathered at a single venue, so come join us and be prepared to be mesmerized as a realistic three-dimensional reality unfolds out of a two-dimensional artwork before your very eyes.

The PantoneMyArt 2014 exhibition celebrates ten years of collaboration between tcc The Connoisseur Concerto and A period which tcc’s Business Development Manager (Branding & Arts) Charles Wong says it has been “A time of much creativity and imagination for the outlet. This event promises a great deal of breathtaking works and displays from some of the most talented and creative 2D - 3D and digital artists based in Singapore. Fans of tcc and art lovers should enjoy the exhibition as the works are really fun and interactive. Thanks to Claude Verly of who is continually original and progressive with his proposed concept.”